About me

Tone was born and raised in Oslo, Norway. In 1993 she moved to the western part of Sweden at the archipelago of Gothenburg on an island called Björkö. This is where she creates most of her works and the sea provides endless opportunities for new and exciting artwork. Tone can offer private viewings in her atelier based on requests.

Tone has mastered both mediums of acrylic and oil techniques to make her paintings look more vivid. Her unique structure and rich layers of colors forms an illusional three-dimensional effect and astonishing color palettes. Both light and depth functions as two important dimensions which brings her paintings to life.

Tone loves the nature and frequently draws inspiration from the beautiful landscape of the north. Her camera functions as an inspirational tool, often capturing parts of a larger whole. This enables her motives to present abstract illusions, combining elements of realism and abstract expressionism. In return this allows your fantasy to flow freely. The painter has created a rich portfolio that captures the beauty of nature in all its forms.

Her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions across Norway and Sweden. You can find her artwork in several private art collections around Europe. With every new painting she continuously strive for excellence.

2007-2004 Oil and acrylic painting with Sören Olsson
2005-2004 Oil painting with Per Hagman
2004-2003 Sketch and sculpture with Christer Brandström

Svenska konstnärsförbundet 

Upcoming exhibitions 2024:
26/6-4/8 Kabusa Art Gallery, Österlen, Sweden

3/8-4/8 Konstvågen Björkö/ Öckerö, art walk at the West-Coast, Sweden

11/10-23/10 Solo exhibition at Gallery Gustafsson, Trollhättan, Sweden

Previous Exhibitions:

2024 Kabusa Art Gallery, Österlen, Sweden

2024 Antikmässan, Stockholm, Sweden

2024 Gallery Karlenström, Borås, Sweden

2023 Heaven and Earth Exhibition x Carpe Diem Beds, Göteborg, Sweden
2023 Kabusa Art Gallery, Österlen, Sweden
2023 Gallery Interart, Gothenburg, Sweden
2023 Kullaweek event, gallery Marika Lang, Kungsbacka, Sweden
2023 Konstvågen Öckerö, art walk at West-Coast, Sweden
2023 Gallery A, Oslo, Norway
2023 Antikmässan, Stockholm, Sweden
2022 Gallery A, Oslo, Norway
2022 Gallery Strandverket, Marstrand, Sweden
2022 Kullaweek, gallery Marika Lang, Kungsbacka, Sweden
2022 Gallery Artist Arena, Stockholm, Sweden
2022 Antikmässan, Stockholm, Sweden
2022 Affordable art fair, Stockholm, Sweden                                      
2022 Gallery Nordic Art, Stockholm, Sweden
2021 Gallery Marka Lang, Kullaweek, Sweden
2022-2019 Gallery Siljan, Björkö, Gothenburg, Sweden
2019 Seaside restaurant, Björkö, Gothenburg, Sweden
2014 Florentinerskäret, Björkö, Gothenburg, Sweden
2009 Gallery Art Now, Gothenburg, Sweden
2008 Gallery Oliven, Gothenburg, Sweden
2008 Gallery Nye Kunsthuset, Oslo, Norway
2008 Gallery Tjömes kunstsalong, Oslo, Norway
2007 Gallery Nye Kunsthuset, Oslo, Norway
2007 Gallery Tjömes kunstsalong, Oslo, Norway